Project NumberNameProject PromoterProject Grant ApprovedStatus
ACC01P01 Mitigation and adaptation to climate change in Bardejov City of Bardejov 1 399 970 €Active
ACC01P02 Response to Climate Change in the Banska Bystrica City City of Banska Bystrica 1 399 700 €Active
ACC01P03 Climate resilient Bratislava – Pilot projects for decarbonisation, energy efficiency of buildings and sustainable rainwater management in urban space Capital City of Bratislava 1 377 180 €Active
ACC02P01 Mitigation and adaptation to climate change in Zilina City of Zilina 1 310 230 €Active
ACC02P02 MITADAPT: Low-carbon Bratislava-Karlova Ves resilient towards climate change - adaptation and mitigation approach City district of Bratislava – Karlova Ves 1 400 000 €Active
ACC02P03 Snina – a city that is ready for climate change City of Snina 1 389 200 €Active
ACC02P04 Action plan and activities of the City of Brezno, designed to mitigate the consequences of climate change City of Brezno 1 400 000 €Active
ACC02P05 The City of Košice Reacts to Climate Change - Together We Can Reach More (ClimaUrbanKošice) City of Kosice 1 390 220 €Active
ACC02P06 Šaľa on the way to mitigate the effect of climate changes City of Sala 858 814 €Active
ACC03P01 Active Mobility and Green Facilities in ZŠ Borský Mikuláš Primary School, Borsky Mikulas 29 580 €Active
ACC03P02 Environmental research in interior and exterior learning zone Secondary Grammar School, Topolcany 38 950 €Active
ACC03P03 School with sustainable future Secondary Grammar School of Ivan Horvath, Bratislava 33 706 €Active
ACC03P04 Sun in the network - Climate education and adaptation measures at school The St. Francis of Assisi Primary and Secondary Grammar School, Bratislava 43 550 €Active
ACC03P05 CLIMECO GAB Secondary Grammar School of Anton Bernolak, Senec 44 380 €Active
ACC03P06 We think and teach ecologically Joint School, Detva 29 195 €Active
ACC03P07 We learn to underestand nature Primary School, Dolinsky potok, Kysucke Nové Mesto 31 113 €Active
ACC03P08 Raising awareness and action on climate change through education Secondary School of Business and Services, Krupina 21 310 €Active
ACC03P09 GREEN EUROPE – OUR GREEN SCHOOL Secondary Grammar School, Partizanske 46 013 €Active
ACC03P10 EDUGA - Education Garden Primary School Spojova, Banská Bystrica 22 100 €Active
ACC03P11 You protect water, you protect life Secondary Grammar School, Sahy 41 765 €Active
ACC03P12 Climatic Garden Secondary School of Business and Services, Rimavska Sobota 39 093 €Active
ACC03P13 Give future generations a chance for better lif Secondary Vocational School, Tisovec 27 467 €Active
ACC03P14 Nature - LOVE for LIFE Primary School Nabrezna, Kysucke Nove Mesto 35 150 €Active
ACC03P15 We act on climate change Secondary Grammar School of Andrej Sladkovic, Krupina 22 212 €Active
ACC03P16 Eco Classroom at GYMPABA (ECG) Secondary Grammar School Pankuchova, Bratislava 26 500 €Active
ACC03P17 Plan Bee for Biodiversity Primary School Moskovská, Banska Bystrica 46 500 €Active
ACC03P18 To be green is evergreen Secondary Grammar School, Roznava 20 472 €Active
ACC03P19 The S.C.H.O.O.L.´s eco - mobilization. We explore, create and motivate to have the courage to change the world together (not only around us) and to mitigate the effects of climate change Primary Private School Bakomi 47 500 €Active
ACC03P20 Raising awareness of climate change mitigation and adaptation among pupils, school employees and local public by benefiting from renewable natural resources Primary School of Samo Cambel, Slovenska Lupča 38 200 €Active
ACC03P21 We are learning to live Primary Special School, Partizanske 30 666 €Active
ACC03P22 We want to grow healthy Joint Boarding School, Povazska Bystrica 22 990 €Active
ACC03P23 COOL ECO SCHOOL Primary School Bieloruska, Bratislava 44 793 €Active
ACC03P24 Know - Understand - Protect Secondary Grammar School, Puchov 50 000 €Active
ACC03P25 Green Norway Tilgnerka Primary and Secondary School Tilgnerova, Bratislava 47 500 €Active
ACC03P26 E.AR.TH Environmetal and Regulated Thinking Primary School of Julia Bilcikova, Budkovce 40 388 €Active
ACC03P27 Use energy ecologically! Primary and Secondary Grammar School of St. Jan Pavol II, Poprad 49 990 €Active
ACC03P28 ECO GYMSU: Raising awareness of mitigation and adaption to climate change in the educational process at school. Secondary Grammar School, Surany 26 416 €Active