Project NumberNameProject PromoterProject Grant ApprovedStatus
CLT01003 Coburg manor house in Jelšava - historical craft and ecological center of Gemer City of Jelšava 1 000 000 €Active
CLT01004 Restoration, reconstruction and revitalization of the Synagogue in Trenčín Jewish religious community Trenčín 898 000 €Active
CLT01005 Let's retune to the new wave - House of Art Fatra Žilina State Chamber Orchestra Žilina 997 177 €Active
CLT01006 LYCEUM - Free Society Lab Church Choir of the Evangelical Church a.v. in Slovakia Bratislava - Staré Mesto 999 757 €Active
CLT01007 HraMoKaPlus - Restoration of the Baroque mansion in the castle Modrý Kameň for the traditions of Slovak toy and puppetry in craft workshops, production and sale of regional products Slovak National Museum 949 871 €Active
CLT01008 Renovation of the Mannor house of the Zichy family in Voderady (acronym: ZICHY) Bohdal Ltd. 563 462 €Active
CLT01009 Open depository Museum of the Slovak National Uprising (SNP) in Banská Bystrica 999 357 €Active
CLT01010 Umelka - Modern Center of Art and Community (UMELKA) Slovak Union of Visual Arts 807 840 €Active
CLT01011 Manor House Susanna - An Experience In The Museum Spiš Museum in Spišská Nová Ves 1 000 000 €Active
CLT01012 Adaptation of Villa K to a cultural center (acronym: VILA KULTURA) Vila K 300 170 €Active
CLT01013 Today as a bridge to tomorrow – The Church of Dominicans in Košice – facade restoration Dominican Convent 834 139 €Active
CLT01014 Do reconstruction authentically and go on (acronym DRAGON) Beckov municipality 809 165 €Active
CLT01024 Restoration of the manor house in Želiezovce in order to preserve the cultural heritage and make it accessible to the general public - Stage 1 The city of Želiezovce 736 946 €Active
CLT01025 Manor House in Ladce (acronym: MaHoLa) Silvia Da Col Heisar, s.r.o 375 966 €Active
CLT01026 Revitalization of the Manor House of Draškovič in Čachtice Self-governing Region of Trenčín 800 000 €Active
CLT01027 City Hall open to communities (City Hall) City of Levoča 849 955 €Active
CLT01028 Renovation and Revitalization of the Historical Park in Lednicke Rovne Town of Lednické Rovne 999 789 €Active
CLT01029 Renovation of Ľubovňa Castle (NKP 975 Vs) - Reconstruction of the North-east Wall and 3rd Courtyard Ľubovňa Museum - a castle in Stará Ľubovňa 799 550 €Active
CLT01030 Restoration of national cultural monument - Jewish school Levice City Culture Center Levice 900 000 €Active
CLT02015 Empathy in art (EMIA) Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture and Design 164 525 €Active
CLT02016 KÓSY KINO CINEFIL 153 794 €Active
CLT02017 ANGRUSORI - Roma music, heritage, hybridization and improvisational exchange Žudro 199 798 €Active
CLT02018 Student forum Fest Anča ANČA 120 609 €Active
CLT02019 Slovak-Icelandic cooperation in the development of small cultural centers - SLICE OZ Povala 111 039 €Active
CLT02020 Clay Day - Magic of clay Slovak National Museum - Ľudovít Štúr Museum in Modra 199 900 €Active
CLT02021 NOISS (Norway - Iceland - Slovakia): New music for new audiences Atrakt Art - an association for contemporary art and culture 192 300 €Active
CLT02022 EMCA - Support for migrants through cultural activities Milan Šimečka Foundation 182 130 €Active
CLT02023 Resurrection of Miracle: Development of New Model of Art Festival in Slovak Countryside Pôtoň 200 000 €Active
CLT03031 Authors’ Reading Month 2023 in Banská Štiavnica and Bratislava (ARM 2023) 189 130 €Active
CLT03032 MAKING MEANING OF THE DIGITAL COLLECTIONS Slovak National Gallery 199 925 €Active
CLT03033 Bibliodiversity - Supporting Small Independent Book Publishers BRAK 186 019 €Active
CLT03034 ONE MUSIC Solamente Naturali - súbor pre starú hudbu 85 071 €Active
CLT03035 BUILDING MUSIC BRIDGES - Developing Intercultural Dialogue and Trust through Music Konvergencie - spoločnosť pre komorné umenie 196 163 €Active
CLT03036 Pohoda - keeping up the freedom Pohoda festival, s.r.o. 181 040 €Active
CLT03038 Epic Residencies Klub národnostných menšín a Pamätná Izba Sándora Máraiho 149 601 €Active
CLTPP001 Pro Monumenta - prevention by maintenance Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic 1 500 000 €Active
CLTPP002 Red Monastery - Reborn Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic 1 100 000 €Active