Local development and inclusion

Project NumberNameProject PromoterProject Grant ApprovedStatus
LDI01002 Being passive is not the path Municipality of Rožkovany 465 500 €Active
LDI01003 SpoluBližšie (TogetherCloser) Mesto Spišská Belá 444 482 €Active
LDI01004 Multifunction Center 4.0 Hornozemplínska knižnica vo Vranove nad Topľou 594 519 €Active
LDI01005 The Space Connects Us – Multifunctional centre in Moldava nad Bodvou to bring together children and young people from minority with the majority Mesto Moldava nad Bodvou 616 520 €Active
LDI01006 Development of a multifunctional facility for children and youth in Stráne pod Tatrami Obec Stráne pod Tatrami 951 977 €Active
LDI01007 Snina - a city of equal opportunities for all City of Snina 877 050 €Active
LDI01008 Unity through Diversity Municipality Prakovce 773 184 €Active
LDI01009 Restoration of Redoute Skalka to Multicultural Space – Phase 1 Coordination centre for children and youth of Magnezit Microregion in Jelšava Mesto Jelšava 1 000 000 €Active
LDI01010 Development of physical and mental abilities of children and youth in the municipality of Kružlová Municipality of Kružlová 352 701 €Active
LDI02012 Opportunity Centrum Valaská "Development of Multifunctional Inclusion Center" Association of Young Roma 951 590 €Active
LDI02014 We connect for more opportunities Mesto Lučenec 749 105 €Active
LDI02015 Inclusive neighborhoods nezisková organizácia Projekt DOM.ov 776 200 €Active
LDI02016 Change 21 The Salvation Army in Slovakia 842 168 €Active
LDI03018 Empowered Roma Women Combating Discrimination (ROOTS) Utopia 97 500 €Active
LDI03022 UPre Women: Capacity building and employability programme for women from the marginalized Roma communities Karpatská nadácia 199 956 €Active
LDIPP001 Innovative education of teachers to increase their intercultural competences in the education process of Roma pupils National Institute for Education (SK) 1 300 000 €Active