Results of the call for the award of additional funds for the implementation of existing projects under the under the Domestic and Gender-Based Programme (DGVDP)


On July 28th 2023 the Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic as the Programme Operator of the „Domestic and Gender-Based Programme”, implemented within the Norwegian Financial Mechanism  2014-2021, made a Decision on the award of grants (decision on which projects shall be supported) for the call DGVDP.

The call was launched on May 3rd 2023 and it was dedicated to support already contracted and implemented projects with additional funds. The call closure was on June 5th 2023. Altogether 7 applications for additional funding were submitted in amount of 880 355 euro.

A total of 3 projects implemented from the DGV01 call and 4 projects implemented from the DGV02 and DGV03 calls will be supported within the DGVDP call in the amount of 603 520 euro.

The results of the call

Code of application


Project title

Additional funds (project grant) awarded


MyMamy, o.z.

Various Ways to equality

36 420,00 €


Human Rights Institute, civic association

Gender Equality Promotion (GEP)

82 812,00 €


Únia materských centier

Women in the community

42 450,00 €


Alej Poradenské centrum

Together with us - Expanding of counselling and support services for women experiencing violence and their children

99 940,00 €


Aliancia žien Slovenska

Breaking the cycle of violence

77 724,00 €



A FUTURE WITHOUT VIOLENCE Improvement and innovation in the services offered to persons threatened by violence in the context of addiction

91 053,00 €



"Cahlia" - Counselling Centre for Women and

Their Children Suffering from Violence

173 121,00 €