Business and innovation

Programme grant:  € 6,000,000 - EEA Financial Mechanism

                                   € 11,000,000 - Norwegian Financial Mechanism

                                     € 3,529,413 - State budget of the SR

Programme Operator: Research Agency

Website of the Programme:

Contact information:

Donor Programme partner(s): Innovation Norway

                                                          Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU)

                                                          National Agency of International Education Affairs (AIBA)

Programme focus:

The programme objective is “Increased value creation and sustainable growth”. The programme shall support projects within the two Programme Areas through calls for proposals open to public.

Within the programme area "Business Development, Innovation and SMEs" the programme shall support the outcome “Increased competitiveness of Slovak enterprises within the focus areas: Green Industry Innovation and Welfare Technology and Ambient Assisted Living technologies" by way of at least two calls for proposals (one per Financial Mechanism) on support for enterprises to develop, apply or commercialise green technologies, processes, solutions, products or services; to green their business operations; and to innovate welfare and ambient assisted living technologies, solutions and processes. The outcome shall also be supported by way of small grant scheme (SGS). SGS no. 1 shall be focused on support for start-ups for business growth, such as investment in development and technology/machinery/equipment.

Within the programme area "Education, Scholarships, Apprenticeships and Youth Entrepreneurship" the programme shall support the outcome “Education and Employment potential enhanced in Slovakia in Green Industry Innovation and Welfare and Ambient Assisted Living Technologies” by way of two SGSs (SGS no. 2 and no. 3). SGS no. 2 shall support institutional cooperation projects and SGS no. 3 shall support mobility projects for students and staff and apprenticeships in SMEs or other businesses.

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