Programme grant:  € 5,850,000 - EEA Financial Mechanism

                                   € 14,516,000 - Norwegian Financial Mechanism

                                     € 3,594,000 - State budget of the SR

Programme Operator: Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic

Website of the Programme:

Contact information:

Donor Programme partner(s): The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE)

                                                          The Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB)

                                                          The Norwegian Environment Agency (NEA)

Programme focus:

The programme objective “Climate change mitigated and vulnerability to climate change reduced”, shall be achieved through two outcomes:

Outcome 1 “Increased climate change resilience and responsiveness within targeted areas” will be supported by way of two calls for proposals supporting projects on action plans and measures for mitigation and adaptation implemented by local authorities in urban areas. Moreover, the outcome will be supported by way of one call and one Small Grant Scheme (SGS) supporting awareness-raising on climate change (Call 3 and SGS). The SGS is particularly targeted towards primary and secondary schools. The outcome will also be supported by way of one pre-defined project supporting measures, education activities and awareness-raising at the Climate change and environment education centre (Living Lab) in Dropie.

Outcome 2 “Enhanced ability of targeted ecosystems to adapt to climate change” will be supported by way of one call for proposals on restoration of degraded ecosystems (Call 4).

You can find the latest information here.