Second call LDI02 under the Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Roma Inclusion Programme has been launched!


On 8th of September 2020 the Programme Operator – Government Office of the SR launched a Call for proposals within the programme “Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Roma Inclusion”, component: SK – Roma Inclusion and Empowerment .

The main ambition of this Call LDI02 is to support local interventions close to/within the marginalised Roma communities. Projects should be community driven, respecting the needs of the community and the partnership principle. The objective of the call is to support community-based interventions in or for the direct benefit of marginalised Roma communities using an integrated approach, i.e. linking multiple interventions to improve their status and opportunities in the fields of education, employment, health, housing or non-discrimination.

It is expected that at least 300 Roma living in a marginalised Roma community(ies) will be provided with services under the project. It is also expected that the level of acceptance of the Roma minority by the majority population will increase at the local level, inter alia through the implementation of gap-bridging activities (at least two are expected under each project). Investments into public infrastructure are not mandatory, but are encouraged as far as they help reducing disparities between Roma and non-Roma. The supported projects should integrate measures from the areas of education, employment, health, housing and non-discrimination, as appropriate according to local needs. It is also expected that by all 100 000 EUR of Project Grant a one permanent job for Roma will be created.

Supported projects will be the projects content of which has been consulted with local stakeholders (incl. local Roma), follow up or build up on the already existing initiatives and are in line with local community needs, projects benefitting marginalised Roma communities with a higher number of inhabitants, projects involving marginalised Roma community located in one of the Least Developed Districts. Preferences will be given to projects implemented in partnership with entities from Norway.