Breaking the Cycle of Violence

Basic information


  • Project Grant Approved: 577 704 €

Project description

The project is aimed at improving counseling services for women and their children experiencing violence, as well as increasing the level of knowledge about the impact of violence on children and preventing its intergenerational transmission. A child in a family with violence always experiences the same violence as the mother and needs independent help and counseling, as the fear and trauma caused negatively affect its development even if the child is not a direct victim or a direct witness of violence.. If their home is a place of fear, pain and instability, they are exposed to the possibility of repeating the violence in the form of bullying the weaker ones at school or later introducing violent behavior into their own partner relationships. The information campaign of the project will be implemented by a partner organization (PR agency Slováka and his friends) and will also address the myth - "he is a good father, because he only beats the mother, not the children" and will be aimed mainly at social, legal and judicial professionals that make decision regarding a custody of the child and the rules of contact with the abusive parent. Prevention, which focuses on gender norms and stereotypes, will have a separate place in the project - the partner organization KIWI will provide parenting programs towards non-violent conflict resolution and communication skills, it will also include naming the situation at home, supervising the child's behavior, using negotiation and strategies for work with conflicts in order to stop the intergenerational cycle or transmission of violence. After the end of the project, KIWI will provide counseling to women experiencing violence and their children in the area in the south of Slovakia, especially for the local Hungarian-speaking community, where these services are absent.