Affirmative action boosting up Roma employment and education

Basic information


  • Project Grant Approved: 124 964 €

Project description

Affirmative Actions (AA) are based on the idea that not everyone has the same opportunities to get an education or a job, not through their own fault, but because of belonging to a certain long-term disadvantaged group. The aim of the project is to raise awareness and build the technical capacity of employers in the design, implementation and evaluation of AAs, to present AA initiatives in the field of employment or training, to create a network of community centers and NGOs willing to strengthen their employment activities, to propose specific policy measures to facilitate implementation of the AAs. The project will contribute to capacity building of organizations in Slovakia, which will strengthen the competence and infrastructure in this area in order to pave the way for targeted and innovative work in cooperation with employers. The aim of the partnership is to exchange practices and experiences that can support the further development of AAs measures and anti-discrimination policies in both countries.