Empathy in art (EMIA)

Basic information


  • Project Grant Approved: 240 807 €

Project description

The project focuses on expanding the activities of the Creative Center of the Faculty of Architecture and Design STU. The Creative Center is an interdisciplinary platform for informal meetings, working contacts, and creative activities that reflect the importance of the diversity of cultural expressions and forms. The project brings a range of artistic activities for university students and the general public. The documentary theatrical performance "Silent Generation" will connect generations of seniors and young people in a joint reflection on the current changes in the surrounding world. The traveling visual work "Ephemeral Architecture", created by students of architecture, will bring the topic of empathy towards disadvantaged groups closer. Imported art performances will be the starter of accompanying discussions on various social topics. The built object and the created product for specific marginalized groups will be the result of creative student workshops. Presentations by Norwegian architects will focus on the topic of artistic freedom in the creation process.