Mision 1000

Basic information


  • Project Grant Approved: 199 983 €

Project description

The project Mission 1000 builds on two decades of successful development of health mediation and fieldwork in marginalized Roma communities (MRC) carried out by the Project Promoter and on a successful pilot project of the same name. The project is based on the implementation of health mediation in the environment of socially disadvantaged communities, and is focused on the crucial first 1000 days from the conception of a child. Interventions, both at home and in the hospital, are performed by babice- Roma health assistants. Babice themselves come from the community in which they operate, spread awareness among pregnant women and mothers, provide support, connect women and health care providers, help with antenatal care and care for newborns and toddlers. The project builds community capacities in the area of caring for pregnant women both during their stay in the maternity hospital and after discharge while strengthening mutual relations between communities.