We Build Bridges for Help

Basic information

  • Project Number: DGV02022
  • Project Title: We Build Bridges for Help
  • Program: Domestic and Gender-based Violence
  • Region of the Project Implementation: Banskobystrický
  • District of the Project Implementation: Krupina
  • Estimated Date of Project Completion: 30.04.2024
  • Project Promoter: Centrum sociálnych služieb KA
  • Website of the project:
  • Status: Active


  • Project Grant Approved: 519 497 €

Project description

Through the implementation of the project and its activities, the project maintains the high-quality provision of specialized counseling services to victims of violence, and at the same time moves these specialized services to other districts in the Region of Banská Bystrica. The benefit of the project is also effective and targeted networking of entities and experts who can directly and immediately help victims within the region and direct them to further professional support, help and client guidance. The project is based on the previous experience of the recipient, providing specialized counseling services in the field of domestic and gender-based violence. For the target group, victims of violence, women, mothers with children, the project provides basic and specialized social, psychological or legal counseling, assistance in exercising rights and legally protected interests. Equally, the project also intensifies work with children, especially in the special-pedagogical, therapeutic-pedagogical area, or other consulting activities.