Women in community

Basic information


  • Project Grant Approved: 155 020 €

Project description

The Women in the Community project - from charity to equal work in communities - is implemented in a nationwide network of maternity centres, emphasising centres close to excluded communities and representing a system of measures and activities that systematically educate and raise awareness of gender equality. The project includes the development of an interactive methodology with an emphasis on gender equality/inequality, the sensitisation of access to women, and the exclusion of violence in human relations. Each of the project activities in the form of research, education, as well as professional discourse in the form of round tables will be implemented in each of the 8 regions of Slovakia. The project is also implemented on social networks in a virtual space in the form of the Invisible Women campaign in a series of blogs, infographics, and viral videos that sensitise public opinion towards perceptions of actual discrimination in society and opportunities to change.