Responsible Public Procurement

Basic information


  • Project Grant Approved: 1 449 998 €

Project description

The project aims to promote the principle of value for money in public procurement, in particular through the convergence and visibility of methods such as the MEAT criteria and preparatory market consultations. As part of its implementation, the publication of analysis, strategy, 6 methodologies, and more than 30 training activities and workshops focused on public procurers and procurers in Slovakia is expected. The employees of the Office will also participate in preliminary market consultations of Slovak contracting authorities. The aim of the project will be to monitor their attitudes to this practice and at the same time to gather the information that will be subsequently used in the preparation of the methodology on this issue. The project team worked on the analysis of the use of MEAT criteria in Slovakia. The result of the analysis is data that will help in creating a project strategy, which is the next step in the implementation of this project.