Call LDI01 closure (Local Development Poverty Reduction and Roma Inclusion Programme) – summary


On 15th July 2020 the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization of the SR as the Programme Operator of „Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Roma Inclusion Programme“, implemented within the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-202, launched the Open Call LDI01 on support projects enhancing access of vulnerable children and youth in disadvantaged areas to a broader range of extra–curricular activities to improve their personal development and provide them with skills increasing their chances to succeed in society. Supported projects shall create multifunctional youth centres in the Least Developed Districts.

The total call LDI01 allocation is 7 700 000 €. The call was closed on 30th November 2020. Within the call 20 project applications in total were submitted to the Programme Operator. The total grant requested within the project applications is in amount of 16 209 549 €. 

Within 8 out of 20 project applications submitted a donor project partner from Norway is involved.   

The project applications meeting the administrative compliance criteria and eligibility compliance will be the subject to the experts´ assessment. The project applications meeting the minimum number of points required will be the subject to the Selection Committee´s review.

The Selection Committee meeting is expected in late February/early March 2021.