Call LDI03 closure (Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Roma Inclusion Programme) – summary


On 18th November 2020 the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization of the SR as the Programme Operator of „Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Roma Inclusion Programme“, implemented within the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, launched the Open Call LDI03 to support capacity-building of smaller local organizations through the implementation of grassroots initiatives and the replication and enhancement of proven good practices in the field of local development and the social inclusion of marginalized Roma communities in fields of Health, Education, Employment, Housing, and Non-discrimination, with primary focus on Non-discrimination

The call LDI03 allocation is 1 247 059 €. The call was closed on 1st March 2021. Within the call 20 project applications were submitted to the Programme Operator. The total grant requested within the project applications is in amount of 3,7 mil €. 

Within the submitted 20 project applications, 6 donor project partners were involved within 6 project applications. Distribution of project applications by regions: the regions of eastern Slovakia are represented in 12 project applications, central Slovakia in 7 project applications, the region of western Slovakia in 1 project application and none in the Bratislava region. 

The project applications meeting the administrative compliance criteria and eligibility compliance will be the subject to the experts´ assessment. The project applications meeting the minimum number of points required will be the subject to the Selection Committee´s review.

The Selection Committee meeting is expected in May - June 2021.