Calls GGC01/GGC02 – are you looking for a Norwegian partner?


The Programme Operator – Government office of the SR launched on 16th September 2019 Calls for proposals GGC01 and GGC02 within the programme “Good governance and Cross-border cooperation”.  

The Programme Operator has been approached by the potential project partner from Norway, who is currently looking for an appropriate institution in order to apply for a project. The Programme Operator would like to encourage potential applicants to contact the potential project partner from Norway directly and communicate possible project ideas!

Åpenhet is a Norwegian GovTech company based in Oslo and Paris. They specialize in good governance & data driven policy making and have piloted projects with EU presidencies and are now working closely with the OECD and EC Enlargement to scale fact based solutions for good public governance policy making.

Åpenhet is looking for partners that will benefit from their good public governance domain knowledge and technical data visualization solutions to help the country change makers better lives.

You can contact Åpenhet here:

Mr. Kleng Bråtveit

You can find more information about Åpenhet here (the website is in English):