Further call LDI03 under the Local Development and Inclusion Programme launched today!


The Program Operator - Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic announced on 18 November 2020 the LDI03 Call for proposal for project applications from the program "Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Roma Inclusion - a component of Roma Inclusion and Empowerment. The call closure is on 1st of March 2021.

The objective of the call is to support capacity-building of smaller local organizations through the implementation of grassroots initiatives and the replication and enhancement of proven good practices in the field of local development and the social inclusion of marginalized Roma communities in fields of Health, Education, Employment, Housing, and Non-discrimination, with primary focus on Non-discrimination. 

The main ambition of this Call is to support local interventions close to/within the marginalized Roma communities. The scheme may foster the sustainability of institutions/activities originally funded in other projects (supported by EEA/Norway Grants or other public sources) and support capacity of local stakeholders, as well as to allow for replication and/or enhancement of outputs from these projects, provided that the intervention areas of support (Health, Education, Employment, Housing and Non-discrimination) are complied with. Projects shall actively engage Roma into implementation responding to the needs of the marginalized Roma community and promoting the partnership principle.

It is expected that at least 400 Roma living in a marginalized Roma community(ies) will be provided with services under the projects. It is also expected that the mutual relationships among communities (Roma and non-Roma) will improve, the level of mutual respect will increase at the local level, inter alia through the implementation of gap-bridging activities (at least one gap-bridging activity is expected under each project).

The supported projects shall implement cost-efficient and sustainable measures. Therefore, projects should primarily be based on the replication and/or enhancement of proven good practices.