Open Call for Bilateral Relations under the Programme Domestic and Gender-based Violence launched!


The open call for proposals under the Fund for Bilateral Relations at the programme level was launched on 6th July 2021 by the Programme Operator the Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic within the programmes of Domestic and Gender-based Violence - Call launched under Fund for Bilateral Relation (DGVBF02)

The purpose of this call is to set-up a very flexible and easy tools facilitating visits and meetings of the Slovak applicants with their potential project partners from Norway in order to jointly prepare a project application for entities planning to submit a project application within one of the call DGV02 - Open Call for Proposals on support existing services for victims of domestic and gender-based violence, including children, and the integration of these services into intervention teams at local level.

Call DGVBF02