We are launching the Fund for Bilateral Relations for on-line bilateral initiatives between Slovakia and Norway in cultural cooperation and political and institutional cooperation!


In order to directly support bilateral cooperation within the EEA and Norway grants 2014 – 2021 framework, special Fund for Bilateral Relations has been set up.

The National Focal Point has launched on 17 March 2021 call:

FBR02 – Open call for on-line bilateral initiatives in the Areas of Support:

  • Political and institutional cooperation between Slovakia and Norway
  • Cultural cooperation - cultural exchange, promotion of culture and cultural development in Slovakia and in Norway

The aim of the Call is to support on-line initiatives with ambition to strengthen bilateral relations, to improve cooperation, common knowledge and understanding between Slovakia and Donor States in the  Areas of Support. Funds in the amount of € 200,000 are allocated for the Call. It is possible to apply for a grant to support initiatives that will contribute to the development of bilateral cooperation (such as on-line seminars, workshops, conferences, discussions, etc.). The minimum grant amount is € 10,000; the maximum grant amount is € 50,000.

Call FBR02

The general information on the Fund for Bilateral Relations