Programme grant:  € 21,642,810 - EEA Financial Mechanism

                                     € 1,425,690 - Norwegian Financial Mechanism

                                     € 4,070,912 - State budget of the SR

Programme Operator: Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the SR

Donor Programme partner(s): Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage  / Riksantikvaren

                                                          Arts Council Norway / Kulturrådet

Pre-defined projects:

1. Pro Monumenta II

2. Red Monastery – Reborn

Programme focus:

The programme objective is "Social and economic development strengthened through cultural cooperation, cultural entrepreneurship and cultural heritage management".

Programme includes two main outcomes – one is focused on restoration and revitalisation of cultural heritage and another is focused on the improvement of access to contemporary arts.

The first outcome will support enhancement of the cultural heritage condition through projects implemented within call for projects proposals CLT01 focused on restoration and revitalisation of cultural heritage for the reuse or further use of cultural monuments and to foster entrepreneurial potential, the ambition is that at least 30 % of the projects are implemented in partnership with entities from the Donor States. The results of the call CLT01 can be found here.

The second outcome will support improvement of the access to contemporary arts through implementation of the small grant scheme project which will include two calls CLT02 a CLT03. Small grant scheme will support projects on capacity development of cultural players and audience development, resulting in the organisation of events targeting audience’s interest in culture and arts and their involvement in culture and arts. It will also support the projects focused on the events dedicated to artistic freedom and/or freedom of expression, events focused on raising awareness about minority culture and involvement of educational institutions. The results of the call CLT02 can be found here.