Basic information


  • Project Grant Approved: 85 071 €

Project description

The project brings the joint music programme of the same name by the renowned ensembles Solamente naturali from Slovakia and Barokksolistene from Norway as a result of the long-term cooperation of their leaders Miloš Valent and Bjarte Eike. It creates an imaginary bridge between old musical manifestations of Slavic and Nordic music, recorded in music archives, interpreted in a historical perspective and new compositions. Music composers Jon Balke, Michal Paľko and Daniel Matej will prepare them inspired by old and minority music (Roma, Jewish, Sami, Viking). The mutual interactions of the old and the new, the search for a joint moment of "one music" are interesting not only for the music professionals. Moreover, the interactions are supplemented by workshops at art schools in Slovakia and Norway. Not only the public, but also children from excluded communities with special needs and students of secondary vocational schools will encounter the program at concerts and festivals. Moreover, the young documentary filmmaker Kristína Smetanová under the guidance of renowned documentary filmmaker Marek Šulík will capture the message and the process of creation of the programme.