Multifunction Center 4.0

Basic information


  • Project Grant Approved: 594 519 €

Project description

The Vranov nad Topľou district is one of the least developed districts with a high unemployment rate and a high proportion of the Roma population. The social and economic development of the district lags behind the more developed districts of Slovakia, which also results in the deterioration of the position of children and youth. The project focuses on the lack of opportunities for children and youth. It enables them to acquire knowledge about health, improves employment prospects, provides artistic and cultural education, enables anti-discrimination education, helps to improve the personal development of children and youth and contributes to Roma inclusion. The project applies an integrated approach focused on 4 measures - health, employment, anti-discrimination, and education. To achieve the goal of the project, there are activities aiming at improving language skills, preparing for a job interview, improving ICT skills needed at work, gaining knowledge of basic hygiene habits, prevention of various addictions and educating them with a healthy lifestyle.