Basic information


  • Project Grant Approved: 186 166 €

Project description

The project aims to raise awareness of gender equality and empower women in marginalized Roma communities (MRCs). Implements educational activities, campaigns - dissemination activities, and strengthening activities to support girls and women in MRC. The planned activities are based on the real needs of Roma girls and women formulated by their "own voice". The unifying lines of the project are the visibility of (Roma) women, the development of friendship among women, and the breaking of stereotypes (especially stereotypes in connection with the myth of parenthood as motherhood, female friendship/enmity, religious faith as a barrier of gender equality and others). Project outputs are min. of 20 workshops in cooperation with primary and secondary schools, 4 workshops in the community, a wall calendar dedicated to the topic of prominent Roma women, a quartet representing prominent women - women activists ("women without borders" and "Saints as we do not know them"), as well as an exhibition of works by Roma children.