Together with us - Expanding of counseling and support services for women experiencing violence and their children

Basic information


  • Project Grant Approved: 499 702 €

Project description

The project directly benefits women and their children who are at risk of discrimination, poverty or social exclusion as a result of violence and its effects. The target group is women and children experiencing violence - including sexual violence, abuse, and women experiencing partner violence, post-separation violence, stalking and cyberstalking. The promoter, in cooperation with the project partner - the second counselling centre, will contribute to expanding the capacities and availability of services for women experiencing partner violence and their children, as well as to expanding the scope of services. The project responds to the fact that gender-based violence against women and girls has changed and evolved in the context of the use of technology, and that perpetrators can cause multiple harms through them. The promoter pay increased attention to this problem both in the frame of consulting and in the frame of the awareness campaign and education of the professional public.