TRIGLAV – Strengthen the fight against CBRN threats at the Slovak-Ukrainian border

Basic information


  • Project Grant Approved: 2 500 000 €

Project description

The predefined project is directly related to the results and outputs of the project "SOS-Alert Solution - a project of cross-border cooperation for better detection and interception of illegal CBRN materials on the Slovak-Ukrainian border" (CBRN materials - chemical, biological, radioactive, and nuclear materials). The predefined project is to contribute to the improvement of the security situation on the Slovak-Ukrainian border, which is also the border of the Schengen area. It is also intended to help eliminate obvious differences in the possibilities, capabilities, and technical equipment of the security forces on both sides of the border. The project partners plan to achieve, building on previous successful cooperation, the creation of an effective education and training system for CBRN security. This will subsequently lead to an improvement in the level of knowledge and practical skills of employees of state institutions that are responsible for combating the illegal handling of CBRN materials and security on the Slovak-Ukrainian border.