Umelka - Modern Center of Art and Community (UMELKA)

Basic information

  • Project Number: CLT01010
  • Project Title: Umelka - Modern Center of Art and Community (UMELKA)
  • Program: Culture
  • Region of the Project Implementation: Bratislavský
  • District of the Project Implementation: Bratislava I
  • Estimated Date of Project Completion: 30.04.2024
  • Project Promoter: Slovak Union of Visual Arts
  • Website of the project:
  • Status: Active


  • Project Grant Approved: 807 840 €

Project description

The project includes the reconstruction and extension of the UMELKA building, built in 1926. The building will be expanded with a new multifunctional cultural, artistic, and social pavilion, a music stage in the garden, and a storage space for a gallery. The existing exhibition spaces, such as the Great, Stone, Entrance Hall, and Gallery on the stairs, will be renovated to technically meet even the most demanding exhibition projects with high demands on lighting, dimming, projection, sound, and acoustics. The project aims to make the building as accessible as possible for physically disadvantaged people, which will open unique spaces for all visitors. The improvement of dramaturgy, exhibition program and international cooperation will take place with a partner from Iceland. A center for multi-genre cultural and social events for a wide range of audiences will be completed, focusing on contemporary fine arts, broad international cooperation, and the inclusion of minorities. The events will take place in the form of specialized activities for the Roma, Jewish, Hungarian, and LGBT communities, and the use of the artistic and creative potential of young people.