Good Governance and Cross-border Cooperation

Project NumberNameProject PromoterProject Grant ApprovedStatus
GGC01005 Safe and Inclusive Border between Slovakia and Ukraine Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic 894 227 €Active
GGC01006 Slovak-Ukrainian cross-border cooperation - CBC4US Association of Towns and Municipalities of Slovakia 466 094 €Active
GGC01007 Cities in the Enlarged European Area: Joint Development of Capacities of Public Institutions by Slovak-Ukrainian Cross-border Cooperation and Improving Integrity in Public Affairs (CEEA) Municipality of Košice 458 504 €Active
GGC01008 Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Mitigation Steps for SK – UA crossborder region (CLIMADAM) Agency for the support of the regional development Košice 462 243 €Active
GGC01009 Future of Public Administration Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice 218 932 €Active
GGCPP001 Improving Integrity of the Public Administration / IIPA Government Office of the Slovak Republic 1 498 890 €Active
GGCPP002 Enhancing the efficiency of the justice system through the protection/empowerment of victims and vulnerable parties Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic 1 200 000 €Active
GGCPP003 Responsible Public Procurement Public Procurement Office (PPO) 1 449 998 €Active
GGCPP004 TRIGLAV – Strengthen the fight against CBRN threats at the Slovak-Ukrainian border Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic 2 500 000 €Active