Local development and inclusion

Project NumberNameProject PromoterProject Grant ApprovedStatus
LDI01002 Being passive is not the path Municipality of Rožkovany 465 500 €Active
LDI01003 SpoluBližšie (TogetherCloser) Mesto Spišská Belá 444 482 €Active
LDI01004 Multifunction Center 4.0 Hornozemplínska knižnica vo Vranove nad Topľou 594 519 €Active
LDI01005 The Space Connects Us – Multifunctional centre in Moldava nad Bodvou to bring together children and young people from minority with the majority Mesto Moldava nad Bodvou 616 520 €Active
LDI01006 Development of a multifunctional facility for children and youth in Stráne pod Tatrami Obec Stráne pod Tatrami 951 977 €Active
LDI01007 Snina - a city of equal opportunities for all City of Snina 877 050 €Active
LDI01008 Unity through Diversity Municipality Prakovce 773 184 €Active
LDI01009 Restoration of Redoute Skalka to Multicultural Space – Phase 1 Coordination centre for children and youth of Magnezit Microregion in Jelšava Mesto Jelšava 1 000 000 €Active
LDI01010 Development of physical and mental abilities of children and youth in the municipality of Kružlová Municipality of Kružlová 352 701 €Active
LDI02012 Opportunity Centrum Valaská "Development of Multifunctional Inclusion Center" Association of Young Roma 951 590 €Active
LDI02013 Support for social inclusion and positive changes in communities with an emphasis on MRC through the development of community work in the Social services center Betlanovce in the municipality of Betlanovce. Municipality of Betlanovce 974 535 €Active
LDI02014 We connect for more opportunities Mesto Lučenec 749 105 €Active
LDI02015 Inclusive neighborhoods nezisková organizácia Projekt DOM.ov 776 200 €Active
LDI02016 Change 21 The Salvation Army in Slovakia 842 168 €Active
LDI02024 Centres of Renewall in Gemer Obnovme Gemer, nezisková organizácia 975 070 €Active
LDI02026 All different, all equal - social inclusion in the City of Žilina City of Žilina 384 327 €Active
LDI02027 All together for Roma inclusion, local development and poverty reduction in Pečovská Nová Ves Pečovská Nová Ves municipality 276 744 €Active
LDI02028 Svidník Community Center, a place for the development and education of a Marginalized Roma Community Municipality of Svidnik 523 660 €Active
LDI03017 Affirmative action boosting up Roma employment and education Agentúra práce BBSK, n.o. 124 964 €Active
LDI03018 Empowered Roma Women Combating Discrimination (ROOTS) Utopia 97 500 €Active
LDI03020 Empower to Grow, Using Community Organizing and Advocacy Methods to Empower Disadvantaged Communities in Central Slovakia Centrum komunitného organizovania 142 348 €Active
LDI03021 Mision 1000 Association for Culture, Education and Communication (ACEC) 199 983 €Active
LDI03022 UPre Women: Capacity building and employability programme for women from the marginalized Roma communities Karpatská nadácia 199 956 €Active
LDI03023 Stepping up Skills and Career Guidance for Social Inclusion People in Need 169 531 €Active
LDI03025 Support and development of MRC activities in Zborov Municipality of Zborov 199 520 €Active
LDIPP001 Innovative education of teachers to increase their intercultural competences in the education process of Roma pupils National Institute for Education (SK) 1 300 000 €Active