Domestic and Gender-based Violence

Project NumberNameProject PromoterProject Grant ApprovedStatus
DGV01003 Various ways to equality MyMamy, o.z. 179 730 €Active
DGV01004 Gender Equality Promotion (GEP) Human Rights Institute, civic association 282 517 €Active
DGV01005 GENDER EQUALITY for ROMA COMMUNITY (GER) People In Need 186 166 €Active
DGV01006 ESCAPE FROM (CO)DEPENDENCY EsFem 179 330 €Active
DGV01007 Fostering Gender Equality and Worklife Balance in Slovakia Slovak national centre for human rights 180 575 €Active
DGV01008 Women's rights are human rights OZ Žena v tiesni 118 580 €Active
DGV01009 United For Equality Risotto o.z. 198 000 €Active
DGV01010 34all" (three for all) - "Three substantial messages on CSE and SRHR for each target group" Spoločnosť pre plánované rodičovstvo 176 047 €Active
DGV01012 Women in community Únia materských centier 155 020 €Active
DGV02013 We stand with women. We protect and support them! FENESTRA 486 622 €Active
DGV02014 Together with us - Expanding of counseling and support services for women experiencing violence and their children Spolu s nami – Rozšírenie poradenských a podporných služieb pre ženy zažívajúce násilie a ich deti 499 702 €Active
DGV02015 The safe way out of violence Bezpečná cesta z násilia 535 400 €Active
DGV02016 Behind the front door Poradenské centrum Nádej 457 212 €Cancelled
DGV02017 Women's Safe House - a step towards a life without violence Centrum Slniečko 599 258 €Active
DGV02018 LUNA n.o. bezpečný ženský domov v Trenčíne LUNA n.o. 600 000 €Active
DGV02022 We Build Bridges for Help Centrum sociálnych služieb KA 519 497 €Active
DGV03019 Breaking the Cycle of Violence Alliance of Women in Slovakia 577 704 €Active
DGV03020 A FUTURE WITHOUT VIOLENCE Improvement and innovation in the services offered to persons threatened by violence in the context of addiction BUDÚCNOSŤ, n.o. 493 403 €Active
DGV03021 TENENET o.z. 458 848 €Active
DGVPP001 HER STORY Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic 360 000 €Cancelled
DGVPP002 Improving the victim-oriented approach – a tool enhancing the capacity to fight violence against women and domestic violence Institute of Labour and Family Research 1 400 000 €Active